StayPut™ Double Outlet Plugs

Qdos Advantages

Over 50% of outlets are never used! Eliminate the hazard of electrical shock or burn injuries by covering unused outlets. Use our Universal Self-Closing Outlet Cover for outlets in use (lamps, baby monitor etc.) and occasional access (vacuum, chargers etc.).
Denies children access to the outlet preventing them from placing objects in it.
Universal cover fits both styles of outlets. Also fits GFCI outlets.
Clean design that blends with the outlet cover and goes unnoticed by children.
Extra tight fit and beveled edges prevent small fingers from grasping and removing.

StayPut™ Double Outlet Plugs FAQs

Building codes in most locations dictate that there be an outlet every 6 feet. This means that over 50% of outlets in most houses are never used. Single outlet covers are held in place by two plastic prongs that many toddlers are able to pull out, while the Double Outlet Cover is held in place fully securely with four prongs making them much harder to remove. Where single outlet covers don’t necessarily look pretty and tend to draw a child’s attention to them, a Double Outlet Plug blends in perfectly with the design of most wall plates and most kids will never see and pull them out. Simply put them in once and forget about it.
Yes. The prongs on the Double Outlet Plug have been exactly spaced and sized to fit in a GFCI outlet as well.
It is white to blend in with standard white wall plates.
There are six in a pack that do the job of 12 single outlet covers.
The only other country the Double Outlet Plugs would work is in Canada. All other countries have completely different shaped outlets.
Yes. The Double Outlet Plugs would be effective in blocking out cold draft as they go flush with the wall plate and only have a small slot in the bottom for removal.
No. These are intended for indoor use only.
Yes. The Double Outlet Cover can fit side by side to cover a "quad" outlet.