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We are all about SAFETY

At Qdos we are committed to helping you keep your children safe from the dangers that lurk in a home. Our success comes from one simple fact – our promise to be the leader in the home safety field by providing the best safety solutions. Everyday we are looking for new and better ways to make your home safer for your children.

Quality and Higher Standards

Striving for a Higher Standard of Safety

Qdos began with a simple question. How “Safe” is “Safe Enough”? The children’s home safety market has seen very little innovation for decades. As parents, we got frustrated with products that didn’t perform. We knew there was a better way - A Higher Standard of Safety.


Modern and innovative products making your home safer for your children. Designed to be easy to use and made to complement your home's style.


Made using engineered high-performance materials instead of the typical commodity-type plastics found in most safety products.

Ease of Installation

We create innovative patented solutions that are designed for easy, frustration-free installation to make sure they are installed quickly and safely – the first time.

The Global Alliance for Child Safety is an international organization made up of companies, organizations and individuals who have one goal in common, to create a higher standard for better and safer home safety products for children around the world.

ASTM International is a globally recognized leader in the development and delivery of international voluntary consensus standards. Today, some 12,000 ASTM standards are used around the world. We actively participate in the safety standard development process and have been involved for the past 15 years. Qdos meets and exceeds all ASTM and European Standards.

Experience, Global Teamwork and Partnerships

Advice from Professional Childproofers and Consumers taken to heart

Our team brings over 50 years of experience in the home safety field from around the world. Based on this experience we analyze and evaluate new and innovative safety solutions. We have a close cooperation with professional childproofers to get feedback to both improve products and come up with completely new solutions. Feedback from everyday consumers is another important inspiration for continuous product development.
If you have a suggestion for us, please let us know.

Need help childproofing? Find a professional Childproofing Expert

The International Association for Child Safety (IAFCS) is a network of child safety professionals and babyproofers. IAFCS Members are recognized childproofing experts and are ready to help you make your home a safe place for your little one. Want to know more about Childproofing Experts?

Alison Jacobson, The Safety Mom, has exploded onto the national scene as the preeminent voice on safety, wellness and healthy living. From environmental toxins and healthy eating to sports injuries and cyber bullying, The Safety Mom is always on the lookout for the issues facing children – newborns to teens – as well as the entire family. Follow her on:  

Safe Kids Worldwide is a nonprofit organization working to protect kids on the move, at home and at play. Preventable injuries are the #1 killer of kids in the United States. Throughout the world, almost one million children die of an injury each year, and almost every one of these tragedies is preventable.

The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) is a national trade organization representing 95% of the prenatal to preschool industry. Qdos fully supports the JPMA and is an active member. The JPMA takes pride in their role of serving as the voice of the industry and is committed to ensuring child safety. This includes: Product Safety & Certification, educating consumers on the safe use and selection of baby products, hosting an annual competition recognizing the most innovative baby products on the market, monitoring regulations, working to promote the industry, and hosting an annual trade and consumer show.

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