Gate Selector

Where is the LOCATION?


Top of stairs

Qdos recommends ONLY hardware mounted gates for the top of stairs. No trip hazard is created and the gate opens to the full width of your opening – unlike pressure mount gates.

Bottom of Stairs/Between Rooms

Gates for doorways and openings between rooms and at the bottom of stairs.

Unusual Openings or Freestanding

Gates that are perfect to block access to fireplaces, staircases and large openings as well as for a freestanding enclosure.

What is the WIDTH of the opening?

NOTE: For each Baseboard Kit or a Stair Mounting Kit used, subtract 1.5" (38 mm) from your width.


Measure the opening you wish to put a gate into OR the area you wish to protect, in the case of the Construct-A-SafeGate.