Universal Baseboard Kit

Available in Slate or White

Qdos Advantages

• The universal solution for gate installation over a baseboard

• Works with both Hardware and Pressure mount gates

• Works with all brands of gates

• Available in Slate or White to compliment most gates

• Hardware included for installation into solid wood

• Works with up to 7/8” (22 mm) thick baseboards and up to 7” (18 cm) tall.

• Maximum gate installation height 34” (86 cm)

Universal Baseboard Kit FAQs

The Baseboard Kit is used in gate installation situations where there is baseboard present that would cause the gate to be mounted at an angle on the wall – and it must be mounted vertically in order for the gate to operate properly. The Baseboard Kit will give you an even and vertical mounting surface for your gate.
The Baseboard Kit will work with baseboards up to 7” (18 cm) tall and up to 7/8” (2.2 cm) thick.
Yes. As long as all the other requirements for mounting the particular gate you are wanting to mount are met, the Baseboard Kit is suitable for use at the top of stairs. Remember Qdos recommends never using a pressure mount gate at the top of the stairs due to the inherent trip hazard.
Yes. The Qdos Baseboard Kit can be used with most brands of gates. The maximum installation height for a gate is 34", meaning the top of the mounting bracket for the gate can't be above that point.
The Baseboard Kit comes in White or Slate to match Qdos gates and many other gates.
No. The Baseboard Kit can only be installed into solid wood like a door frame or a stud behind the drywall. If you need to install a gate into a drywall or any kind of hollow wall other than solid wood, you will need to consult a chilproofing expert, a handyman or check with your local hardware store.
The Baseboard Kit can be used for gate installation height up to 34” tall. This means the top of the mounting bracket for the gate can't be above that point.
Yes. It is perfectly fine to use Baseboard Kits on both walls to create a plumb vertical surface tomount the gate to. Thanks to the different sized shims that are part of the upper spacer, the Baseboard Kit can compensate for walls that are not perfectly plumb.
No. For that situation, you will want the Qdos Stair Mounting Kit which allows you to mount a gate onto a round or square bannister without having to drill into your woodwork.
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