Designer Gate Extensions

Available in Slate or White

Qdos Advantages

• Extends the Qdos Designer Pressure Gates by 2.75” (7 cm) with each extension.

• Fits Qdos Crystal and Spectrum Pressure Mount Gates.

• Simple push to connect system – makes adding extensions a snap.

• Use up to a maximum of 6 extensions.

• Available in Slate or White.

• Package includes 2 extensions.

Designer Gate Extensions FAQs

We recommend making the extensions on each side as even as possible. See the instructions for your gate for specifics.
Yes. The Designer Gate Extensions have two different lengths while the SafeGate Extensions are the same length.
The Designer Gate Extension package have two extensions. The short one is for the hinge side and the long one is for the handle/lock side. They are different lengths because the height of the attachment points on each side is different.
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