Pressure Mount Y-Spindle

Available in Slate or White

Qdos Y Spindle for Pressure Mounted Baby Gates on Stairs Adapter

Qdos Advantages

• Adapts Pressure Mount Gates to fit on Banisters and Spindles

• Fits Securely to Banisters up to 3” (75 mm) in diameter

• Fits all Qdos Pressure Mount Safety Gates

• Available in White or Slate.

• Package includes 2 Y-Spindles.

Y-Spindle FAQs

Y-Spindles are used in one and up to four attachement points of your Qdos Pressure Mount Gate. This would allow you to install where there is a round banister up to 3” in diameter or a spindle present.
No. Qdos recommends never using any pressure mount gate at the top of the stairs due to the inherent trip hazard.
Yes. The Qdos Y-Spindles have been designed and tested only for use with Qdos Pressure Mount Gates.
The Y-Spindles come in White or Slate to match Qdos gates.
If the Square Banister is positioned with a corner facing the gate, not the flat side of the rail, yes. It cannot be used on the flat side of the square rail.
No. The Y-Spindles are only for Qdos Pressure Mount Gates.
Yes, As long as the surface where you are using the Y-Spindle is round and not more than 3” in diameter.
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