Adhesive Double Door Lock

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Baby proof cabinet child safety lock

Child proof cabinet lock for double doors
Bathroom cabinet under sink locks without drilling
no drill or screw baby proofing best safety cabinet locks
Secure DIY adhesive cabinet without knobs lock

Qdos Advantages

Unlike traditional double door latches that require two hands to open and close - the Double Door Lock secures and removes quickly and easily with one hand.
Elegantly keeps little hands from getting into cabinets. Children’s small fingers can’t operate the Qdos dual release mechanism.
Secures cabinet doors without using knobs and handles, therefore no pinch hazard is created. Fits doors from .25” to 1” (0.6-2.5 cm) thick and eliminates movement and gaps.
Offers a high-performance and durable strong bond specifically designed to secure Qdos products to most surfaces.
Baby Proofing doesn't have to be ugly!™ – designed to complement your home décor. It is available in White or Gray.
Fits standard framed cabinets but, does NOT fit on cabinets with overlapping doors.

Adhesive Double Door Lock FAQs

First off, you can operate it with one hand, while regular sliding cabinet locks require two hands and can be quite cumbersome to use.

Secondly, a regular sliding cabinet lock always allow the doors to be pulled open to a degree which creates finger pinch hazard for a child, while the Double Door Lock keeps the doors firmly closed eliminating any finger pinch hazard.

The diameter of the cap is 2" (5 cm).
The arm is 1/8" (3 mm) thick, so slightly more than that. Most cabinet hinges can be adjusted sideways to increase the gap if it isn’t enough.
Yes. Every Double Door Lock comes with a solution for this situation. Included are four different length arms and an adhesive mounting plate that mounts directly on this center piece.
The buttons on the Double Door Lock are definitely difficult for a child to push in simultaneously to open. In order to extend the time of use, make sure not to remove it in front of the child. Discontinue use once the child can defeat it.
We recommend the best place to put it is on the inside of the door it locks.