Adhesive Fridge/Freezer Lock

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Best white double door fridge safety lock keeps toddlers out
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Qdos Advantages

Our Fridge/Freezer Lock secures double doors and drawers, yet removes quickly and easily with one hand.
Secures refrigerator and freezer double doors and drawers without creating a pinch hazard, denying children access.
Offers a high-performance and durable bond specifically designed to secure the Fridge/Freezer Lock to the frame of a refrigerator or freezer.
By following the removal instructions, Qdos SecureHold Adhesive can be removed without damaging the surface.
Baby Proofing doesn't have to be ugly!™ – designed to compliment your kitchen appliances. Available in chrome or white.
The Fridge/Freezer Lock is adjustable in depth to accommodate doors and drawers up to a thickness of 5.5” (14 cm).

Adhesive Fridge/Freezer Lock FAQs

Any Fridge door up to 5.5” (14 cm) thick.
The diameter of the cap is 2.75" (7 cm).
The arm in the Fridge Lock is 0.2" (4 mm) wide, so the gap between the doors has to be wider than that. The mounting plate is wider, but there is always room for that between the rubber seals on the doors.
It will fit on all types that have at least two doors, as well as drawers (including side by side models with or without drawers). For best attachment locations, please see our instructions. It will not work on a fridge or freezer with only a single door. For these we recommend using the Qdos Adhesive Flexible Multi-Lock.
We suggest positioning the Storage Post at eye level on the fridge to also function as a reminder when the fridge/freezer is locked.