SureCatch™ Adhesive Latches

for Top Drawer / for Lower Drawers and Doors

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Qdos Advantages

A circle is better than a hook. The Qdos SureCatch™ Circle Latch design makes it easier to catch, ensuring slip-proof security for your cabinets.
Unlike other latches that leave openings that are too big and unsafe, leaving room for kids to get even small hands into drawers, the Qdos SureCatch™ Circle latch combine a dual depth and multi-positioning mounting plate that creates a consistent safe opening every time.
Adhesive Installation means no drilling and no screwing into your cabinets. No hard to reach locations for screws. (*certain cabinet designs require one screw)
Created with engineered plastics for superior memory function, so they will always return to the original positon even after thousands of use cycles. Cheaper plastics deform and misshape over time, making them unsafe and unreliable.
Unlike traditional latches that require you to remove drawers from cabinets to drill and screw in the latch. Qdos latches install with adhesive.
Lining up the catch and the arm is tricky business. The Qdos Perfect-Installation Tool takes all the guess work out of the installation. Get it right the first time.
Offers a high-performance and durable bond specifically designed to secure Qdos products and can be removed without damage.
As standard countertops have an overhang of 1.5” (38 mm) it’s necessary to have a longer arm for the top drawers. Our longer Top Drawer SecureCatch™ Latches offer room to operate the latch, but keep the opening small enough to protect children. Lower drawers (that don’t have a counter overhang) need a shorter arm to create the same safe opening.

SureCatch™ Adhesive Latches FAQs

A normal counter top hangs out 1.5” over the drawers which affects how you can reach inside the top drawer to open the latch. If you make all latches long enough to work in the top drawer, you create an unsafe gap for the lower drawers that is too big and kids can actually reach into the drawer. The only way to provide consistently safe opening gaps is to have two different lengths of latches. That’s why we have two different length latches depending on if they are used in the top drawer or lower drawer and doors. This is the Qdos Higher Standard of Safety.
When installing latches they can either be mounted on the inside of the drawer front or on the drawer box, the frame that makes up the drawer. This depends on the construction/size of the drawer. Usually on shallow drawers the mounting will be on the drawer box, while on deeper drawers it will be on the drawer front. If not addressed, this leads to different size openings and can easily create an unsafe gap that is too big and allows a child to reach inside. To offset this we use the patented SureCatch™ has two catches at different depths to create the same safe opening.
There are two different locations inside a drawer to attach the latch, either on the drawer box or on the inside of the drawer front. However, sometimes depending on the depth of the drawer, it requires you to attach the latch right on and over the edge of the drawer box. Thanks to the multi-position mounting plate we can solve that otherwise very tricky situation, by turning the mounting plate vertical so it can reach up over the edge of the drawer box. However, this means the top part of the adhesive has nothing to attach to and in order to be on the safe side we suggest that you add a screw to securely hold the mounting plate in place.
When installed according to the instructions the SureCatch Adhesive Latches are by far the strongest adhesive latches on the market and will withstand a pull force of at least 50 lbs. This is way more force than a child can exert and also more than any adult will use to open a drawer or door, so yes, it will keep your child and pets out. However, a cat might still be able to reach in with their paw. If you want the drawer completely shut to keep pets out, please use our Adhesive Magnet Lock.
When you remove the Latch the foam that is in between the two surfaces with the adhesive will actually break, which is exactly what it is supposed to do. You can then take a finger and basically roll back the tape. Any remaining tape residue can be removed with a solvent type Goo Gone. This is a huge advantage if you live in an apartment.
Yes you can, but let us explain our philosophy. We are not fans of an easy on/off function in Latches, as it’s way too easy to forget and now you have defeated the whole purpose of having the lock in the first place and reintroduced a safety risk. However, you can remove the latch from the mounting plate if you so desire. Our recommendation is not to do this unless you need to have the drawer or door unlocked for a longer period of time.
The SureCatch Adhesive Latches are specifically designed to be easy to fit and install in standard Framed Cabinets, which constitutes about 90% of all US cabinets, please see rendering below to help tell the difference. However, the SureCatch Adhesive Latches will not fit in a Frameless Cabinet, also called Euro Cabinet, or cabinets with completely inset drawers and doors that make the front surface completely flush. We are working on solutions for these type of cabinets as well.
There are two types of double cabinet doors. Most common is just standard doors, but some cabinets have overlapping doors. For the overlapping doors you would only need one Latch to lock the door that overlaps the other. For standard doors Qdos offers two options. One is to use a Latch on each door. The other option is to use our Double Door Lock, see below. This is a quick and easy way to open and lock both doors at the same time with one hand. The patented ZeroPinch™ design eliminates any movement and possible finger pinch gaps between the doors.
Installing locks and latches in drawers and on doors usually is a very tricky business, as you have to get the parts to line up perfectly in order for them to lock properly. We have taken the challenge out of this with the help of the patented Perfect-Installation Tool. This tool takes all the measuring and guess work out of lining up the parts correctly. After installing the SureCatch, simply connect the pieces with the Perfect Installation Tool and close the drawer or door and things will line up perfectly.
They are made from engineered high-performance POM material that not only is incredibly strong, it also has an extremely good “memory”. A good “memory” in plastic means that after each use it will spring right back into its original shape and position, even after many thousands of hard pushes over many years. This “memory” is critical for the secure function of these latches and POM is a top performer in this regard. Many other latches are made from cheap commodity type plastics and will easily deform and not spring back, which means the lock simply doesn’t work any longer.