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Qdos Advantages

Automatically and immediately denies access to the outlet preventing children from placing objects in it. Prevents the hazard of electrical shock or burn injuries by covering accessible outlets. For outlets that are never used, use our Universal Double Outlet Plug.
Safety "door" conveniently slides to the side for easy insertion of the plug and instantly closes when plug is removed.
Universal cover fits both styles of outlets whether installed with one or two screws.
Baby Proofing doesn't have to be ugly!™ – our oversized plate covers most imperfections in sheetrock cutouts, as well as missing and mismatched paint.

Universal Self-Closing Outlet Cover FAQs

A Sliding Outlet Cover is much easier to use for outlets where one or both plugs are used frequently, for where you need to plug in, for example, a vacuum cleaner. These are much easier to operate than having to remove an outlet plug everytime you need to plug something in. Also, many toddlers can remove an outlet plug, especially if it’s been removed a lot and doesn’t have the same grip as when new.
Yes, the spring that keeps the “door” closed is hard enough to make it very difficult for a child to defeat, especially a younger child. However, with a two or three prong plug in your hand, it’s not hard for an adult to push to the side the "door" and insert the plug.
The size is 3 1/8” x 4 7/8” (80 x 125 mm). Qdos Sliding Outlet Covers are on purpose bigger in size in order to cover any imperfections around the outlet in the drywall.
The only difference is the appearance of the outlet and how many screws used to secure the cover.
Yes, the Sliding Outlet Covers are universal and fit both Standard and Decora outlets. For a Standard outlet push out the cover plug in the center and install with the longer screw in the middle. For a Decora outlet push out the two outer cover plugs and install with the two shorter screws.
No. A GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) is an outlet that reduces the risk for electric shock and is commonly used in bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room and outdoors. The addition of the GFCI mechanism makes the distance between the slots in a GFCI outlet bigger than in a regular outlet. Due to this the Sliding Outlet Cover will not work on GFCI outlets. However, Qdos also offers a unique Double Outlet Plug that is especially designed to also cover a GFCI outlet.
They are white to match the most common white outlets.
There are three Sliding Outlet Covers in a package.
The Sliding Outlet Cover is not an electrical item as it’s just a cover, so therefore it’s not UL listed.