Finger Slam Guard

with storage post

Baby proof door stop finger pinch guard

Prevents slamming doors
Baby proof door from closing
Prevents pinched fingers
Stores easily and out of the way
Child proof pinch proof on doors

Qdos Advantages

Prevents little fingers from getting pinched and seriously injured in slammed doors. Will not compress like cheaper products made of inferior materials.
Finger guards made from foam type materials have a tendency to fall off doors over time. Qdos uses a unique material with non-slip properties and good ‘memory’ to stay in place. Fits almost all doors.
Soft is not always safe! If a child gets hold of a Qdos Finger Slam Guard, no worries about biting off a piece. Made with non-toxic, firm food grade material.
Keeps it out of children's hands and right where you need it, when you need it.
Fits most standard doors from 1.25" to 1.75" thick (30 - 45 mm).
We offer colors to work with your home. You can compliment your door color or make the Finger Slam Guard contrasting to make it easier to see.

Finger Slam Guard FAQs

Foam is just not “strong” enough to withstand the pressure from a door. A foam protector will compress under the pressure from the door and thereby there is a big risk that the protection is not there when needed. Over time the clamping effect of a foam protector will deteriorate and lead to it simple falling off the door. The Finger Slam Guard is made from a material with very good “memory” so it will always clamp the door securely.
In the US there are no test requirements at all for finger protectors. However, in Europe they have a tough test for finger protectors and the Finger Slam Guard meets all those requirements.
Traditionally finger protectors are put on the side of a door. That is still a good location as long as it’s positioned high enough that a child cannot reach it. However, the best location from a safety standpoint is to put it around the top edge of the door, anywhere 6”-12” in from the handle edge. This provides an even higher level of safety as it stops the door sooner and creates a bigger gap to protect fingers and even hands.
It is made with non-toxic, firm food grade SEBS plastic.

Use a rounded knife and carefully pry behind a corner of the Storage Post until the tape tears.

For remaining tape residue, use a finger to simply rub it away. If any residue still remains, use a cleaner that will not damage the surface you are removing the residue from. There is no way to test all possible surfaces SecureHold Adhesive will be applied to; please use caution when removing to avoid damaging the surface. SecureHold adhesive may cause damage to some surfaces.

The Finger Slam Guard is designed for 1.25” to 1.75” (30-45 mm) thick doors.