Adhesive Stove Guard

Adjustable from 22.5” to 38.5” (57-98 cm)

Adjustable stove guard protect against scalds and burns

Protects against scalds and burns from hot pots and open flames
Best stove guard for child safety provides a barrier from dangerous stovetop hazards.
Aluminum stove guard on large long range
Adhesive stove guard on free standing stove
Safety baby proof stove guard protects cook top
Heat resistant child proof stove guard best for easy cooking

Qdos Advantages

Goes with any modern kitchen design.
Unlike many other brands the Qdos Stove Guard not only protects from the front but also the sides.
Just adjust the width and install with our strong heat resistant adhesive.
Adjustable from 22.5” to 38.5” (57-98 cm).
Take it apart in seconds for temporary removal.
To clean, simply disassemble and wash with soap and water.
Made from extruded anodized aluminum and heat resistant materials.

Stove Guard FAQs

The Stove Guard is expandable and will fit most standard stove or cooktop between 24” and 36” (60 – 92 cm).
We strongly recommend keeping the Stove Guard installed on the stove at all times so you won’t forget to use it. However, the Stove Guard can easily be disassembled and removed for cleaning and then quickly put back into place.
No. The Stove Guard will only protect knobs on a cooktop that are placed on the top surface. It will not cover any knobs on the front of a stove or cooktop. Protecting stove knobs is a real challenge and in many situations the only true solution is to pull the knobs off completely and put back when needed.
Yes The heat resistant 3M VHB adhesive tape that secures the installation rails is incredibly strong and will hold a 75 lbs. (35 kg) child hanging on the front of the Stove Guard. This was one of the requirements in the design and construction of the Stove Guard.
The Stove Guard can easily be disassembled and removed for cleaning. We recommend hand wash as strong chemicals in dishwasher detergents might discolor the aluminum.
Yes. Despite the strength of the 3M VHB adhesive tape, it easily comes off the surface by simply peeling with your finger.